100 Top Free College Courses Online Bachelor Degree

Have you been yearning to continue your education, but just don’t have the money to do so? Well, you may be surprised to learn that there are tons of free college courses available right over the Internet. They may not offer credits toward a degree, but they are certainly good for filling the brain with some knowledge.

While there are thousands of courses to enjoy, here are 100 of the top free college courses online to take advantage of …

Architecture and Engineering

1. Architecture Courses (MIT)Dozens of free architecture courses from the oldest architecture department in the United States.

2. Biomedical Engineering Design (Delft University of Technology) – Look at the design philosophy and approach of rehabilitation technology.

3. Drinking Water Treatment (Delft University of Technology) – This course gives the technological backgrounds of treatment processes applied for production of drinking water.

4. Offshore Hydromechanics (Delft University of Technology) – Course helps students carry out computations involving hydrostatics and more.

5. Offshore Moorings (Delft University of Technology) – This course looks at the design of offshore mooring systems literally from the ground up.

6. Physical Electronics (Tokyo Institute of Technology) – 14 free online courses related to physical electronics.

7. Roman Architecture (Yale University) – Introduction to the great buildings and engineering marvels of Rome and its empire.

Business and Finance

8. Accounting (Kutztown University of Pennsylvania) – Learn the fundamentals of accounting with this course that offers 149 animated slides.

9. Capital Markets (University of California, Irving) – This course offers an overview of the investment markets.

10. Finance Courses (Kutztown University of Pennsylvania) – Enjoy an assortment of finance courses offered free by the university.

11. Introductory Economics (Carnegie Mellon University) – This free course provides lessons on supply and demand, sales tax, minimum wages, monopolies and more.

12. Marketing: Advertise Your Business (Kutztown University of Pennsylvania) – Understand the ins and outs of advertising your business.

13. Principles of Accounting (University of Alaska) – Free course on the principles of accounting.

14. Real Estate Finance and Investment (MIT) – Enjoy this introduction to the most fundamental concepts, principles, analytical methods and tools for investing and finance.

15. Sales (Kutztown University of Pennsylvania) – Learn the numerous ways to sell your products or services by determining the best sales strategy.

16. Sloan School of Business Courses (MIT) – Multiple undergraduate and graduate courses from MIT’s world class business school.

17. Small Business Tax (Kutztown University of Pennsylvania) – Understand the purpose of an employer identification number, recordkeeping, and more.

18. White Collar and Corporate Crime (University of California, Irvine) – Examine criminal activity within professions, organizations and businesses.

Education, Literature and Religious Studies

19. Exploring Teaching and Learning in Tertiary Contexts (University of Southern Queensland) – Explore teaching and learning in tertiary environments.

20. Gulliver’s Travels (University of Washington) – A look at the book Gulliver’s Travels by Jonathan Swift.

21. Introduction to Modern Japanese Literature and Culture (University of California, Berkley) – Spring 2010, 32-lecture course that looks at modern Japanese literature.

22. Measurement in Education and the Social Sciences II (University of California, Berkley) – Set of lectures focusing on measurement in education and the social sciences.

23. Religious Study Courses (Yale University) – Numerous courses looking at the scholarly study of a number of religious traditions and disciplines.

24. Science, Magic and Religion (UCLA) – Prof. Courtney Raia offers 20 lectures on science and religion as historical phenomena that have evolved over time.

25. Shakespeare’s Comedies (University of Washington) – A look at some of Shakespeare’s best works.

26. Special Education (University of Massachusetts, Boston) – Acquire assessments, as well as instructional and consultation skills, to help you work with children and adolescents with special needs.


27. Adolescent Health and Development (Johns Hopkins) – Lectures, readings and panels of guest speakers and discussions exploring a variety of aspects of adolescent health.

28. Athletics, Physical Education and Recreation (MIT) – Several courses offered that cover healthy lifestyles, a sense of community and leadership/teamwork skills.

29. Basic Human Pathology (Tufts University) – A course looking at general and systemic (organs) pathology.

30. Consciousness (University of Glasgow) – Prof. Susan Stuart offers mp3 course covering the study of consciousness.

31. Depression: Anxiety Disorders and Exercise (University of California, San Francisco) – Lectures on depression and anxiety disorders available via mp4 format.

32. Energy, Diet and Weight (University of Washington) – This course is intended for people with little to no science background to learn nutritional fundamentals.

33. Food and Nutrition Policy (Johns Hopkins) – This course familiarizes and engages students with the process of developing policies for food and nutrition.

34. General Public Health Courses (Johns Hopkins) – Over a dozen public health courses offered by Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

35. Immunization Hesitancy (University of California, Irvine) – Discussion of parents’ hesitance to get children immunizations and the consequences.

36. Professional Issues in Nursing (University of Massachusetts, Boston) – This is the first course offered in the RN-BS online program meant to help registered nurses develop skills.

37. Public Health (University of California, Berkley) – Statistical analysis of categorical data offered Spring 2010.


38. African American History II (University of Notre Dame) – This course examines the broad range of experiences of American Americans from the Civil War to the 1980s.

39. America in Depression and War (MIT) – Explore the Great Depression and World War II through film, novels, newspapers and other historical documents.

40. American Civil War (University of Washington) – This course looks at transformation of America as a result of the Civil War.

41. Civil War and Reconstruction (MIT) – A look at what caused the war, why the North won, whether the South could have won and how the war was America’s defining moment.

42. Modern Civilization: 1750 to Present (UCLA) – Lectures covering major elements in Western heritage offered by UCLA Prof. Lynn Hunt via YouTube.

43. War & American Society (MIT) – Examine how Americans have told the stories of modern war in history, literature and pop culture and how they relate to the American national identity.

Language Arts and Design

44. Communication Studies (University of Massachusetts, Boston) – This program offers understanding and expertise in diverse aspects of the Communication field.

45. Creative Typography (Sophia – Foothill College) – Course explores letter forms and page layout for expressive communication.

46. Design and Designing (The Open University) – Look at the process of design, including exposing the difficulty in making general conclusions about how designers work.

47. Foreign Languages and Literatures (MIT) – Tons of courses that look at specific foreign languages and their literature.

48. French I & II (Carnegie Mellon University) – A number of introductory, interactive video-based courses.

49. Introduction to Writing: Academic Prose (Utah State University) – Enjoy this online interpretation of English 1010 at Utah State University.

50. Linguistics and Philosophy (MIT) – Undergraduate and graduate courses focusing on linguistics and philosophy.

51. Media Art I (Capilano University) – This course looks at time-based art practices, including sound, installation and video art, as they relate to visual arts.

52. Visual Communication Design (Carnegie Mellon University) – This short online course teaches how to design successful technical documents.

53. Writing and Humanistic Studies (MIT) – Take the opportunity to learn the techniques, forms, and traditions of several kinds of writing.

Law and Politics

54. Consumer Law (University of Nottingham) – This course looks at laws put in place to protection consumer goods and services.

55. Law School Coursework and Presentations (Georgetown University) – A number of presentations, articles and reports from Georgetown Law.

56. Legal Courses (Kutztown University of Pennsylvania) – Courses available related to legal structure, copyrights, patents and intellectual property.

57. Political Science (MIT) – Over 100 undergraduate and graduate courses focusing on the field of political science.

58. Political Science: International Relations (University of Massachusetts, Boston) – Learn the fundamental principles of international relations.

Math and Computer Science

59. Computer Graphics (Indian Institute of Technology, Madras) – Dr. Sukhendu Das of IIT Madras offers 43 compelling lectures on computer graphics via YouTube.

60. Computer Networks (Indian Institute of Technology, Madras) – 40 lectures from Prof. S. Ghosh regarding computer networks.

61. Computer Science (University of Massachusetts, Boston) – Learn research, teaching and technical skills related to database-backed web development and artificial intelligence.

62. Information Technology and the Labor Market (MIT) – This course explores how information technology is reshaping different dimensions of the U.S. labor market.

63. Introduction to Java Programming (Sophia – Orange Coast College) – Via the Sophia system, this course offers an introduction to the Java programming language.

64. Mathematics (MIT) – Algebra, geometry, calculus and more at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

65. Object Oriented Programming in C++ (University of Southern Queensland) – Extend basic procedural design and programming knowledge into the objected-oriented paradigm.

66. Programming with Robots (Capilano University) – The course uses Lego Mindstorm robots to illustrate the fundamental concepts in computer programming and problem solving.

67. Statistics (Carnegie Mellon University) – Take this free course to learn the basic concepts, logic and issues involved in statistical reasoning.

68. Webpage Authoring (Sophia – Gavilan College) – Hands-on introduction to using Hypertext Mark-Up Language (HTML).


69. Music and Theater Arts (MIT) – Undergraduate and graduate courses related to the arts that are practiced, performed and celebrated onstage and in the studio.

70. Music Lessons (Berklee College of Music) – Free downloadable bass, brass, DJ & turntable, drum, guitar, keyboard, voice and wind lessons.

71. Musicianship II (MiraCosta College) – Intermediate ear training for major and non-major students.

Science (Astronomy, Earth, Physical)

72. Acoustics of Speech and Hearing (MIT) – H-Level graduate course the reviews physical processes involved in production, propagation and reception of human speech.

73. Aeronautics and Astronautics (MIT) – Numerous free undergraduate and graduate courses all looking at space travel and the technologies that make it possible.

74. Astronomy: Frontiers and Controversies in Astrophysics (Yale University) – Take a look at three interesting areas of astronomy: black holes, dark energy and extra-solar planets.

75. Biochemistry 1 (Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur) – 28 lectures on YouTube by S. Dasgupta of IIT on biochemistry.

76. Biology Courses (MIT) – Dozens of undergraduate and graduate courses looking at the studies and research associated with biology.

77. Brain and Cognitive Sciences Courses (MIT) – Dozens of courses focusing on the complex, sophisticated, powerful information-processing device known as the human brain.

78. Chemistry Courses (University of Massachusetts, Boston) – Several courses offered all focused on the field of chemistry.

79. Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences (MIT) – Tons of courses available that cover the earth, its fluid envelopes and its diverse neighbors throughout the solar system.

80. Introductory Physics (University of California, Berkley) – The first of three courses that look at physics on an introductory level.

81. Physics Courses (MIT) – Dozens of courses focusing on the fundamentals then digging deeper into space and time, motion in plane and other features of physics.

Social Sciences

82. Africana Studies (University of Notre Dame) – Offers a selection of courses focused on the American-American experience, Africa, and the African Diaspora.

83. Anthropology (University of California, Berkley) – The Spring 2010, 32-lecture course looks at the history of anthropological thought.

84. Arabic and Middle East Studies (University of Notre Dame) – A number of courses offering instruction in the Arabic language and the history and culture of the Middle East.

85. Asian Studies (University of Notre Dame) – Courses centered around introducing students to the complexity of the continent of Asia.

86. Canada: A Nation of Regions (Capilano University) – This course examines Canadian problems and issues in terms of different regions of Canada.

87. Environmental Ethics (Capilano University) – Introduction to the philosophical study and moral assessment of modern human interaction with other species and the environment.

88. Gender Studies (University of Notre Dame) – Selected courses focusing on men and women’s issues today, including dating, marriages, families and other relationships.

89. International Studies: Global Issues & Institutions (University of California, Irvine) – Course looks at nuclear politics, energy crisis, war, international terrorism and more.

90. Introduction to Electronic Government (United Nations University) – Discover tools for better ways to run governments via electronic means.

91. Latino Studies (University of Notre Dame) – These courses promote understanding and appreciation of the social, cultural and religious lives of U.S. Latinos.

92. Missouri Multicultural Network Citizenship Course (Missouri Southern State University) – Free course to help non-residents pass U.S. citizenship that current citizens could benefit from too.

93. Women’s and Gender Studies (MIT) – Free program offers dozens of undergraduate and graduate-level courses focusing on women, gender and sexuality.

Miscellaneous Course Collections

94. Columbia University Free College Courses – Columbia University offers a number of reproduced college lecture materials in architecture, journalism, education, law, and more.

95. Connexions (Rice University) – Open-content library of nearly 1,000 collections of course materials.

96. Free Courses from Utah Valley State College – Free courses ranging from cinematography to web design. Must register for login to access the coursework.

97. Free Public Lectures (Gresham College) – The college offers free public lectures by its eight professors throughout the school year.

98. Oxford Webcasts – Oxford University offers webcasts from scholars and regulators on topics like social media, Internet regulation, e-learning, civil society and more.

99. Princeton University Lectures – Complete archive of lectures from various courses.

100. Stanford University Free Online Courses – Free courses, lectures and interviews to be downloaded on iPods, PCs and Macs. Must have an iTunes account to participate.