Christian Studies Bachelor Degree

A bachelor’s degree in Christian studies prepares students for a career of service to their faith. A graduate of an accredited online degree program in Christian studies may find themselves leading a Christian youth group in a small town: officiating weddings: or traveling to third world countries to spread the word about their faith through volunteer opportunities and missionary work.
Many graduates of a Christian studies program may go on to form their own church where they can preach the Bible to their followers.
The world of Christian focused entertainment is a growing industry targeted to providing a wholesome entertainment experience focused on Christian values through Christian movies: television: books: and music. Graduates can go on to enter unique career fields like Christian song writing: Christian movie production: or even televangelism.
Students of this type of program will learn the different beliefs of various Christian denominations and will learn how to work with those denominations equally. They are taught the difference between a Southern Baptist and a Pentecostal and the difference between a Lutheran and an Adventist. Each of these denominations has their own unique beliefs. The student of Christian studies will learn what makes them different and what makes them similar. This knowledge will come in handy when working with multiple Christian denominations.