Criminal Justice Bachelor Degree

Criminal Justice is an exciting field into the world of police: courts and corrections. The qualified applicant will have a desire to work in the broad field of law as a peace officer: bailiff: prison personnel or use the CJ Bachelor degree as a launch pad for graduate work in law or specialized fields of study within the industry.
A Criminal Justice degree is available across the country with quality programs offered on-campus or online. The CJ student will have a core requirement of coursework to include basic police procedures and the legal system from arrest through prosecution in the courts. And the criminal corrections courses cover the polices of jails: prisons: probation and parole to give the student a well-rounded foundation to gain employment in any aspect of the CJ system.
In addition: the CJ student may choose from a wide selections of electives to zero in on their career goals. Courses such as laboratory evidence handling: forensic evidence collecting and dissemination: giving testimony in court: and understanding autopsy proceedings are made available in most Criminal Justice four year programs. And some universities make available a pre-law course of study with prosecutorial functions and an emphasize on legal procedures. The decision to get your degree in Criminal Justice can bring a lifetime reward with employment opportunity: room for advancement and never a dull moment on the job.