Culinary Arts Bachelor Degree

If you are considering a career in the cuisine you may opt to pursue a bachelor degree in culinary arts. A four year program in most institutions: an accredited online degree can be obtained from a reputable school and give you the opportunity to experience hands-on training. During the culinary arts bachelor program you can expect to receive instruction in cooking techniques: leadership: portion planning: menu creation and preparation: health and safety issues in commercial kitchens: along with cost control and inventory.
Students who graduate from a bachelor program in culinary arts have the ability to choose from a wide range of career paths. Whether you wish to be an executive chef in a hotel: banquet center: or a sous chef in a five star restaurant: students find doors of opportunity opening for them once their degree is in hand. Other career options include working in hospitals: nursing homes: schools and more.
From planning menus to suit the health needs of people in healthcare facilities to planning gourmet menus and creating sublime new dishes in a posh bistro: your choices in the culinary field will expand vastly upon receiving your bachelor degree in this field.