E-Business Bachelor Degree

An emerging trend in higher education is the introduction of degree programs in e-business. E-business is the act of conducting business transactions via the Internet. E-businesses may or may not have a physical location: which attracts many students because the cost of running an e-business is generally much cheaper than running a traditional business.
A bachelor’s degree in e-business will show students how to utilize the power of the Internet to reach the most potential clients and customers as possible. Graduates of an accredited online degree program in e-business will be able to utilize Internet specific marketing tactics like search engine optimization and social network marketing. An e-business program graduate will also understand how to operate the various functions of an e-business like maintaining expense reports and facilitating the transfer of funds for payments via the web.
Many e-businesses have the potential of earning business operators huge profits. One extreme instance of an e-business making huge profits was the recent acquisition of a popular video sharing website by a very popular search engine company in a multi-billion dollar deal. Not bad for an e-business that started in a dorm room.
More moderate examples of e-business success are the countless number of individuals who are able to support themselves with the small “mom and pop” style e-businesses they have created selling any number of unique items.
An accredited bachelor’s degree in e-business offers the perfect foundation for anyone wanting to conduct business on line.