Education Bachelor Degree

A Bachelor’s degree is a four year degree that is obtained from an accredited college or University. A Bachelor’s degree is often required in order to secure a job in most professions. There are numerous areas of study in which one can obtain a degree. One of the most popular fields is Education.
Education is the field of educating others and encompasses many different jobs ranging from teaching elementary or high school to being a school administrator: curriculum planner: or working for an educational company. For example: one can major in Elementary Education and become a Kindergarten through 8th grade teacher. On the other hand: Secondary Education permits one to teach grades 8-12.
On the other hand: one can also major in Education with an emphasis on a certain specialty. For instance: Curriculum and Instruction is a niche within education that teaches one how to design textbooks: worksheets: and more.
In addition: a Bachelor’s degree in Education can also help someone to secure a job in school administration. Administrators are principals: deans: members of the school board and Superintendant’s office.
The field is extremely broad and there is a wide array of options available for anyone who receives a degree in Education. A four year Education degree normally requires a student to take general classes the first two years. These are%3A English: Math: Science: and Social Science classes that every student is required to take.
Once a student completes these classes: he or she will move on to his major area of study. These classes consist of methods courses designed to teach instructional techniques: as well as classroom management: and a student teaching internship for one semester. Most colleges offer Education as a major and classes can be taken in the classroom or one can obtain an accredited on-line degree from many schools.