Fashion Bachelor Degree

A bachelor’s degree in fashion encompasses a number of different subjects. Fashion students may choose to specialize in areas such as design: construction: merchandising: or textile procurement.
The graduate of an accredited online degree program in fashion will be prepared to serve the fashion industry in design studios: factories: shops: and abroad.
As fashion designers graduates will come up with new styles that keep pace with current market trends. Fashion construction workers are responsible for making the idea of the designer come to life by taking the designer’s intent and constructing a real life product. Merchandisers are responsible for spotting or even setting trends in various regions across the world. They decide what will sell the best where. Textile procurement specialists may find themselves traveling to foreign countries to hunt down the best price for certain materials. They may responsible for finding the cheapest cotton in Mexico or the finest silk in China.
There is a lot of behind the scenes work that goes into making any fashion item. A fashion program graduate will be trained on how to be a valuable member of any fashion team. They may work for an established fashion label or choose to create their own.