Finance Bachelor Degree

A Bachelor’s Degree in Finance is a specialization within the study of business emphasizing mathematics: economics: technology and statistics. In addition to the general courses required for a business degree: courses in finance include Accounting: Economics: Business Management: Corporate Finance: Marketing: Corporate Law: Investment Theory: Business Ethics: Risk Analysis: Financial Accounting and Auditing: Information Technology and International Finance. Many universities offer the Bachelor%E2%80%99s degree and accredited online degree programs are also available.
Professionals may specialize in one of two general fields. Investment finance deals with the management of funds within the economy and the transfer of money: stocks: bonds and securities between institutions: consumers and the public and private sectors. Managerial finance deals with management within organizations including daily operations: long-term growth: investments and corporate financial strategies. A graduate with a bachelor%E2%80%99s degree can work in several different types of financial settings including as a financial planner: corporate financial officer or in the fields of commercial and investment banking or insurance underwriting and risk analysis.
Additional specialization includes certification such as Chartered Financial Analyst: Certified Financial Planner or Chartered Financial Consultant. The minimum qualifications for certification require a Bachelor%E2%80%99s degree.