Fire Science Bachelor Degree

Students of a bachelor’s degree program in fire science can become more than fire fighters. Graduates of an accredited online degree program in fire science can also find employment in the insurance: safety: and private fire prevention industries.
A fire science education will provide students with an understanding of causes: prevention: investigation: and response to fires.
Fire science graduates may go on to investigate cases of insurance fraud or may form their own fire prevention business. Profits can be made in the private fire prevention industry because many jurisdictions require any businesses operating in certain places to abide by certain fire laws and regulations. A private fire prevention consultant and alarm/extinguisher provider can save many businesses hundreds of dollars in avoidable fines.
Fire investigators are tasked with finding the source of a fire in cases where people are injured or when an insurance company stands to lose a lot of money with an insurance claim. Many people think that fire destroys all evidence of wrong doing: but this is rarely the case.
For a more traditional route: fire science students can go on to become professional fire fighters for municipal: state: federal: or private fire departments.