Homeland Security Bachelor Degree

The tragic events of 9/11 created a booming industry known as homeland security. A bachelor’s degree in homeland security will prepare students for vital roles in the public and private sector protecting America and defending against future attacks.
The very core of homeland security rests solely on the ability of the homeland security professional to prevent hostile acts which have the potential to cause great harm to the safety of the nation’s citizens.
Homeland security professionals are police officers: security guards: military members: intelligence officers: risk management consultants: airport screeners: border patrol agents and more. The homeland security field is for those who want to help their national community on the largest scale possible. Homeland security professionals make people safe from behind the scenes. They do the jobs that you never hear about. You never hear about them because the news doesn’t report on what hasn’t happened.
The student of an accredited online degree program in homeland security will learn basic skills such as the organization of various federal agencies: intelligence analysis: understanding foreign political climate: and foreign relations.
Program graduates may decide to work for a government organization: a private consulting firm: or open their own threat and risk management agency.