Interior Design Bachelor Degree

For someone who is interested in obtaining a bachelor degree in Interior Design: it is not just about decorating an interior space. Interior Design is about designing safe interiors for home- and business-owners. Besides being a safe haven: a space also needs to be both functional and aesthetically-pleasing to its users.
To become an Interior Designer: a person must meet all the skill requirements in the field. These requirements include hand drafting: computer aided design: color rendering: space planning: lighting design: and much more. These are all skills that will be acquired in the classroom. Some of these skills may be a little more difficult to learn when acquiring an accredited online degree: but not impossible.
Once a person has earned a degree in Interior Design: his career will be able to move in virtually any direction. There are Residential Interior Design jobs and Kitchen and Bath jobs to choose from. One can become a CAD specialist or a journalist in the Interior Design field. There are even more specialized industries: such as cabinet design: tile design: and window treatments.
The Interior Design industry is an unlimited one for Designers.