Legal Studies Bachelor Degree

The study of law is for more than law students. Many people decide to study law and have no desire to become a practicing attorney.
A bachelor’s degree in legal studies prepares program graduates for work as law clerks: paralegals: or legal consultants. An accredited online degree in legal studies is also helpful for individuals who work in careers which require an increased understanding of the law: like criminal justice professional: accountants: and patent agents. Those who work in fields which expose them to an increased liability risk would also benefit from such a program so that they will be better prepared and know what questions to ask should they ever be hauled into court.
A study of the law includes issues relevant to every aspect of our everyday lives including constitutional law: torts: and business law.
Should a student desire to pursue a career as an attorney: the classes taken during the law studies program will have more of a chance of being transferred to a traditional Juris Doctorate program than classes from an unrelated field of study: potentially shortening the length of the student’s time in law school.