Nursing Bachelor Degree

Nursing is a rewarding career within the healthcare field. Nurses perform both clinical and non-clinical functions to aid in the delivery of healthcare. They not only help treat patients: but they also provide education on lifestyle choices and fostering good health around the community.
One option to become a nurse is to get a bachelor%E2%80%99s degree in nursing. This is referred to as a Bachelor%E2%80%99s of Science in Nursing %28BSN%29 degree. The BSN will provide you with the necessary skills to work around the community in places such as hospitals: nursing homes: or schools. The BSN also provides you with an opportunity to sit for the NCLEX-RN exam. This test must be passed in order to obtain a nursing license.
To get your BSN: you can attend a school that offers the degree. There are many found all across the country. Or: you can find a school online that offers an accredited online degree. In this instance: a person will typically complete all of their coursework online: but fulfill their clinical requirements outside of the home.
Completing the BSN will give you a great opportunity within the field. Many nurses with it will go on to hold supervisory roles at their places of work.