Public Administration Bachelor Degree

Public administration involves the day to day management of municipal: county: state or federal government activities. Public administrators may be responsible for several areas or one department of a government system. Those working as public administrators may manage budgets: personnel: or programs. Other areas of responsibility include planning: policy development: and community development. A bachelor’s degree in public administration qualifies an individual to perform these tasks. A bachelor’s degree in public administration can be obtained at a four-year college or university. An accredited online degree will qualify one to work in the public administration field.
Skills needed by public administrators
Public administrators must be able to collect and analyze data related to needs and trends. This facilitates planning and policy development. Understanding local: state: and federal laws and regulations is essential for those working in the field of public administration. Additionally: good written and oral communication skills are necessary.
What jobs are available at the bachelor’s level%3F
An individual with a bachelor’s degree in public administration will usually start in an entry or mid level public administration position. For example in a county government agency: the recent graduate in public administration might be offered a position as an employee relations manager. After some years of experience in the position the individual may be promoted to a director of human resources. A bachelor’s degree in public administration would also prepare one to work in the non-profit sector as a program manager or executive director.