Retail Management Bachelor Degree

A bachelor’s degree in retail management will prepare students for a career in retail sales. Retail managers learn how to manage their employees and products in order to maximize earning potential. Subjects covered in a retail management program of study may include merchandising: loss prevention: public relations: consumer trends: and human resources.
Retail managers oversee all functions of their store and may find themselves performing different tasks on different days. Some days may require managers to create work schedules: hire/fire employees: or help employees unload large shipments from delivery trucks.
An accredited online degree in retail management can lead to employment in small boutiques or large national chains. A manager may work at the local: regional: or national level. Some retail managers may even be able to travel to foreign countries at the request of their employer to conduct a survey of foreign franchise profit potential.
Retail managers must have excellent customer service skills and a great amount of patience. In many cases: when a customer asks to speak with the manager: he or she isn’t offering praise. Retail management students will be taught how to deal with the disgruntled customer and how to foster long term customer relationships for their employer.