Social Science Bachelor Degree

The social sciences explore different parts of human society. The social sciences include anthropology: criminology: economics: geography: sociology: political science: and psychology. Studying a social science requires a wide range of skills. Students must be able to think critically: be creative: and organize large amounts of data. Since many of these fields use statistics: it also helps to be good with numbers.%0D%0A Because the social sciences cover so many different aspects of human society: there are many jobs that come with a social science degree. Majors in anthropology can become field anthropologists: archivists: or museum curators. A degree in criminology can lead to a career in law enforcement. Economics majors can become financial analysts: and management consultants among other things. A degree in geography can be good preparation for a career as an urban planner: while a degree in sociology can be good preparation for a career as a community organizer. Often political science majors become government lawyers: while psychology majors become psychologists. Most jobs in these fields require at least a bachelor’s degree. These degrees can either be obtained through a traditional university or an accredited online degree program.